The education system in my Country

There are hundreds of education systems that are different all over the world. Even the same country, might have different between systems to systems. People often disagree about their education system and most people have both positive and negative attitude. Education systems itself is a benefit for students. However, human-made systems are not always perfect. Therefore, there are advantages and disadvantages of the education system in China.
One advantage is the Chinese education system offers a good study environment. Private schools, which parents pay for, have good equipment. For example, they have projectors, televisions in the classrooms, and big screens for meeting rooms and computers. Even though in public schools, have at least 2 basketball courts, 1 football court, and one indoor activity room. The environment always influences to students. I used to study in China. I studied in a private school, which was located in my community. With all the equipment above I studied in a good mood. I enjoyed having classes, which have the computer and big screen, so that I don’t have to keep my eye on the boring papers. In addition, this equipment speeded up the lectures. Public schools might not have this equipment. However, students can still enjoy themselves at basketball or football courts. Students who relax on a big basketball court can study better.
A good study environment can help students stay in a good mood. However, there is a disadvantage of the education system in China. People use a term called ”Exam-oriented education”. That only means one thing——Study for passing exams. In many people’s opinion, education is to learn new knowledge and skills for the future. However, the education system of China doesn’t think so. They just force students to study so that students can pass the tests; to apply a good high school and good university. Therefore, more than 50% of students get too much pressure, then start hating to study, and even cheating on the tests. It has had the opposite result.
In conclusion, there are some advantages of Chinese education system and also some disadvantages. However, in my opinion, there are more problems and disadvantages than positive way. I believe China will make the education system better by many small changes. For example, they should give less homework to students or be more friendly to students. In addition, students and parents can also give advice and suggestions to improve the education system. I personally think the way that teachers teach should be changed, from strict to friendly, from lectures to lecture-communication.

Skills for 21st century

Because of technology has changed, people need new skills for a job. There are many skills that we can learn from our education. After we learn these skills and know how to use them, we are prepared for our jobs. There are some ways I’ve prepared which are Communication skills and Critical thinking skills. However, in other ways I’m unprepared for the 21st century.
There are two ways I’m prepared. First of all, I have good communication skills. Communication is the biggest part of a job in the 21st century, so everyone needs this skill. Fortunately, I’m really good at communicating with others. For example, I can lead conversation sometimes. For instance, I’m a part of a “taking club” and I often start a topic and then talk with everyone, and they all enjoyed talking with me. In addition, I’ve never felt ashamed or shy, which many people do when talking in public. When you have a job, you’re often needed to give a speech to everyone in the office. As you can see, I believe I’m good at communication. Second, I love thinking widely and outside the box. Critical thinking skills are another important skill that is needed in 21st century jobs. More and more objects are waiting to be invented. Therefore, critical thinking skills are important. In China, I was a curious boy who has a lot of ideas. I love making weird stuff, so friends were laughing at me. For example, I made a special rocket, which can fly 15 meters high.
Then I launched it at PE class, They were amazed by it , but also laughed at me. However I don’t really mind, because I love making new things and there are many successful people who have been laughed by others. Also, I’ve played chess for since 12 years old, and we all know chess is hard to play because you need to think strategically. I won as the champion of a chess competition in Taipei. Consequently, I have good critical thinking skills, and it will find me a good job in 21st century.
However, I’m not prepared in one way for 21st century. Information literacy is the ability to find information, make sure it’s true, organize it then, present to others. Nowadays, we use the Internet to find information, but I’m not good at finding it and making sure it is true. Also, I felt sleepy when I’m looking at it. Therefore, I need to work hard on it. Also, Powerpoint and word are hard for me to use, too. I’m so confused when I’m using them. I have5 more years to study them before I found a job, I will take some classes about using computers, so I can do well in my 21st century job.
In conclusion, I have two good skills, which are communication skills and critical thinking skills but there is one skill that I’m not good at which is information literacy. However, I’m prepared for the 21st century jobs because I have confidence, and skills with me.

My 21st century job

Choosing a career is a big decision. Some people think salary and working hours are important, some people think interests are more important. Helping people will be my main decision, like doctors and nurses who save people’s lives. In my country, there are too many patients that are waiting to be cured and taken care of, but there are not enough doctors and nurses. Also, they are having too much pressure from patient’s families. However, I love helping people, and being a nurse has a lot of benefits.
First, I want a job which can help people. I love helping people which are one of my personalities. Especially when they say “thank you” and I am a warm-hearted person. For example, my grandpa was in a hospital when I visited Houston. I looked after him every day by talking with him, brushing his teeth, shaving his beard and cutting his nails. Also, We prayed every day and read Bible. I enjoyed taking care of him, and I was thinking to be a nurse in the future. Being a clinical nurse which helps patient in their room might have a lot of working hours and pressure. Because there are a lot of patients and they might blame you that you didn’t take enough care of them. Dispensing nurse who rations patients medicines needs a lot of knowledge. I want to be both of them in the future, the reason why I want to be a nurse is not only because of my grandpa but also I think God will be glad to see me helping people.

Second, being a nurse has a lot of benefits. It has a good security which is hard to lose the job. Because illnesses are everywhere, that’s why some nurses work 15 hours a day. In my country, medical care is poor, there are not many people working at hospitals as nurses taking care of patients. Therefore, they need more nurses. Consequently, it’s hard to lose your job as a nurse. Another benefit is, being a nurse can meet a lot of different people every day. Not only your co-workers but also patients. Furthermore, you might have opportunities to learn and work in different countries since nurses are needed in every country. Last, being a nurse need to be very responsible for patients. After learning how to be responsible, it will be easier to work as a nurse or even a husband or a father. What a “one stone two bird”. Therefore, these benefits make me want to be a nurse in the future.

Snow in Seattle

I am a person who never afraid of cold, even love cold. Fortunately, it snowed last Friday in Seattle. I was amazed that Settle snowed this year.

At the moment when it started snowing, me and Kenzo was hanging out and grabbing dinner. It was so beautiful to see snowing.

I told Kenzo to take a picture for me. I was feeling it and enjoying it. Also, my roommates called me to play snow outside, it was 1 o’clock in the morning. However it looked like 6 o’clock in the evening, not dark at all! It’s because of snow. 

We built 7 snow-triangular pyramids to block our homedad’s garage. LOL, he had to be mad about those blockers.All in short, snow is fun and I love snow. 

My lifestyle 

                  I was a boy that moved to the U.S. one year ago. I have done both healthy and unhealthy things in the U.S or in China. My lifestyle is healthier because of sleeping hours and exercises. First of all, there were more stress and studying because I didn’t really get enough sleep in China, and it made me weak and easily to get sick. However, I have gotten enough time for sleeping in the U.S. since there is less time spent at school. Secondly, I have time to go to the gym and do exercises. For example, I always go to the gym at 7 PM in the evening with friends. However, I didn’t work out in China. I also run around the Green Lake every Sunday evening . Exercise really makes people healthier.

However, my lifestyle is unhealthy because of no lunch and too many snacks and diet. First, I have classes at the noon. Therefore, I cannot have lunch in the U.S., and that makes me hungry and become unhealthy. For example, I wake up at 10 o’clock in the morning every day, have cereal for breakfast, and then go to school and have classes from 11:30 to 3 PM. Consequently, I don’t have time for lunch. Secondly, I have eaten too many snacks that have a lot of fat and oil. Since I don’t have a real lunch and good dinner, I have to had a lot of snacks instead. That’s really unhealthy.

All in short, I have to change my diet in the U.S. and keep going to the gym.


                Shanghai is a good and also bad place to live for reasons.


               Shanghai is an amazing place to live for two reasons. First of all, Shanghai is the main city in China, it’s really convenient to live in Shanghai . For example, I can go to school by subway which is the fastest transportation. It took me about 35 minutes to get there . In addition, I can take a nap or cellphone on it because there is Wifi on subway! Second, the transitional food in Shanghai is delicious! I have a “breakfast street” outside my community. They sell a hundred types of breakfast. For example, XiaoLong Bao,Guo Tie and so on. These are all local breakfast which people from different cities. There are also some good dishes that most people might enjoy.


             There are many good reasons to live in a big city. However, there are some problems with a big city. There are two main disadvantages living in Shangai. The main reason is the air pollution. As we all know. China has been effective by air pollution for many years. I was one of the victims before I came to the U.S. I inhaled too much polluted air, and I knew I wasn’t healthy anymore. The “Haze” has sent thousands of people to the hospital, but the countrysides don’t really have this problem. Secondly, most people in Shanghai are selfish. They came there to make money or business, so they rarely care about others. When people get injured, they just walk by or stand idly by them. The world is becoming more and more cold which the cities are the first victim. 

             There are both benefits and disadvantages living in Shanghai.

Live with host family 

                   Living with a host family has advantages and disadvantages. People think it’s more comfortable to leave without a host family, but some of them think it’s more healthy to live with a host family.

                    Living with a host family has two main advantages. First, You can have guardians who take care of you.  For example, I live with a host family. They take care of me when I study too late, they ask me if I need coffee or anything, just like parents. In addition, they protect me by asking me when I will get home,  so that they don’t need to worry. Because last time I didn’t respond to them, then i saw thery were waiting in the living room when I got home late. They have also changed my bad habits. For example, they taught me to wash my own dishes after dinner. I really like them, and we have built a good relationship between us. Secondly, living with a host family can improve your English. People can learn a lot of things during their daily life .  As host students, we can ask questions about the name of some productsthat we usually see, but don’t know the names. Also, we can improve our English by both listening to them and speaking to them. What a big benefit it is to live with a host family!  Therefore, my English skills have improved by living with them. I really appreciate living with a host family.

                   However, living with a host family has these advantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is no privacy. Since I leave with the host family, we always see each other at home. Even when I study in my room, they probably know what I am doing. For example I invited my friends to my house to have a party last week. My home parents asked me how many people, when and for how long… For me, this is just too many questions, but living in an apartment wouldn’t have these situations. 

                In conclusion, living with a host family not only has benefit but also  disadvantages. However, I enjoy living with my host family like most students do.


              Being a teacher is a common job all over the world. This job will never disappear and it has advantages and disadvantages.

              First of all, it’s not hard to be a teacher if you have skills, for example, English, computer science and so on. These skills can help you find a job in a school or college very easily. Furthermore, if you love children, kindergarten will be your destination. Some people love teaching students because they see them grow up and learn new things from what he or she taught. What an amazing and beautiful thing, isn’t it? Secondly, being a teacher is much more relaxed than our their jobs. In every culture, teachers have summer or winter vocation when students do. Also,they can have weekends which doctors and policemen don’t. It is better to have a job with a lot of locations, at least I would love it, if I were a teacher.

           Although being a teacher is easy and relaxed, there are two main disadvantages why you will hate to be a teacher. The main problem is students. Since you are a teacher, you can’t get rid of students. For example, when you are standing in front of the class, teaching students things that they don’t know about, but most of the students are chitchatting. What will a teacher feel? He or she will think it is annoying, but can she or he punish the students? No, that’s illegal. Furthermore, some students don’t even respect teachers. They were absent, slept in The classes and so on. That is the biggest disadvantage why it is not a good idea to be a teacher. Secondly, there is no specific time to get off work. Because you give students homework, then grading them will be necessary. In addition, that will be a lot of work at home and you will be needed to prepare the lessons. Consequently, there will be less free time than other jobs.These are the two main reasons disadvantages why people don’t want to be a teacher.

Olympia trip 

October 22. I went to Washington State Capitol which is located at Olympia with my church’s friends. We really had fun there, and David took a lot of pictures for me.As you can see, it should’ve take us 2 and half hour to get there. However, after we picked up friends from UW, we only spent 1 and half hour to get there which was amazing fast!I was excited about going to Olympia on the bus.Then! We were there! It looks just like the White House, but 12 times smaller than it.David took a lot of pictures for me and I was enjoying, too! That was really fun.What’s “up”! Then, about 12 o’clock. We went into the Washington State Capitol and kept taking pictures until the tourists’ guide told us the story about why Washington called Washington.So the guide said this chandelier has more than 200 light bulbs. The explanation was out-looking and also for the illumination. This weight 2500 kilograms. I was amazed by it, but anyway, they are rich so who cares?Also the ground to the ceiling highs 60 meters.Has 4 floors, more than 20 restrooms and more than 100 offices.Keep your Left hand off, right hand it’s OK.And this is the stamp of Washington State with a big face of George Washington .This restroom is just one of them!

Last station we stopped at Olympia Chinese Christan Church (OCCC). I love this church although it’s smaller than our Church and also is located on a mountain. However No one can play their cellphone during the church and it doesn’t have to be huge. The most important thing is how much we love this leader who is the biggest of the Church and God’s only son.We had a lunch and a meeting with the brothers and sisters from (OCCC). Today was really peaceful and joyful. I enjoyed my day in Olympia!

The weather in Houston 

Houston is a city that is famous for hot weather! It doesn’t rain a lot, and it’s in the middle part of the United States which has no ocean around it. The temperature, which is rarely under 80, is very hot. For example, last year, it was so hot until the Christmas came. However, I don’t really like the weather which Texas has, but I have visited my grandparents and uncle a couple times. That’s why I know how hot it is in Houston. What amazed me is memories can change the way that I feel about the weather in Houston, because of my grandparents, I love them so much, so everything there has become my best memories.